Statement by the Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill, Minister of Public Works

It has been brought to my attention that a mischievous, devious post on Facebook is being circulated widely, and I wish to state that its content is completely false and void of any credibility. At first, this was treated as comedy, but it has to be addressed to debunk the sinister motive of the author and his handlers.

Our outreach in Region 10 had a simple process. No one had to submit any names to me or my office; the distributions were organized through the community leaders who had distributed chits for the hampers and relief supplies. At no time did I have any list, and a Comrade Punai who I do not know was never part of my delegation nor part of the relief exercise. It is clear that a pattern of desperation is being displayed here once good things happen in Region 10 from the usual suspects.

The Government’s response to the floods has been similar to all of our programs; we have assessed the needs of the residents and mobilized support through our various channels. Our support has transcended race, gender, political affiliation, class and geographic location, which is in keeping with the PPP/C’s national agenda.

Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill
Minister of Public Works