STEAMS explode in Region 10

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, September 29, 2018

Scores of Region Ten students drawn from the Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools were joined by their parents, teachers and education officers Friday last in a “STEAMS in Explosion” as the Ministry of Education sought to promote the benefits of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Spirituality (STEAMS).

With the advent of STEAMS in the classroom, the Department of Education in Region 10 is seeking to inspire teachers across the three levels of schooling, Nursery, Primary and Secondary, to take this transition seriously and recognise the many benefits to be had.

The objective of the fair was to illustrate how fun and creative learning can be, through STEAMS as the traditional ‘chalk and blackboard’ mechanism is gradually becoming non- existent. The event commenced with a march on Burnham Drive, Wismar Linden then a grand STEAMS fair with colourfully created numeracy and literacy games on exhibition to further engage the students for the day.

The innovative skills of the teachers were displayed as they further explained how the numeracy and literacy games can be incorporated into the classrooms. The eye-catching games indeed were attention grabbing for the students who were busy trying to solve the problems.

According to Regional Education Officer (REO), acting,  Keane Adams,  the event seeks to inspire teachers to embrace the advent of STEAMS. “It is hoped that we will be inspired because after inspiration comes revelation, when we are inspired, we are empowered to perform and this performance will manifest itself through contribution.”

In addition, the REO acting said that the Department will continue to provide quality education by supporting STEAMS-based learning which will impact the lives of teachers, parents and most importantly students who will enjoy an interactive educational experience.

Meanwhile, District Education Officer (Nursery), Shivon Greene-Brewster highlighted the latest addition to STEAM programme – spirituality.  Spirituality, she said, focuses on the state or quality of being, dedicated to God. “Religion and spiritual things are valued, especially as contrasted to material things,” she posited.

The exhibits encompassed all three levels of learning, and the music, as well as the special needs departments, also showcased how learning is best done through STEAMS.

Marcia Henry, a teacher at the Nursery level, explained that the games make the classroom more fun. “Because these things are so attractive, the child is drawn to it, you are able to associate things, objects and shapes and you must make teaching fun, when you make teaching fun, the children want to learn, want to attend school, so instead of doing traditional classroom things, you are now playing games, so you are having fun, while you are learning,” she said.

Since coming to office in May 2015, the government has encouraged and continues to push for the adaptation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education as an important and critical pillar of development especially in the light of Guyana’s Green State Development Strategy.

Story and Images: Vanessa Braithwaite.