Swift action sees three prisoners charged, prohibited items confiscated

DPI, Guyana, Friday, March 8, 2019

Swift action by the Guyana Prison Service placed a halt to actions of three prisoners who were seen on a video posted to Facebook displaying weapons and using explicit and threatening language.

Items confiscated by the Guyana Prison Service.

It was confirmed by Direction of Prions (ag) Gladwin Samuels that the video was captured at the holding bay of the Lusignan Prison. Samuels also noted that the three prisoners in the video, two of whom are convicted and the other on remand have all been charged.

Samuels said that the weapons that the men displayed were made from the fencing material and a pot cover. The cellphone that was used to record the video has been confiscated, as well as the improvised weapons.

Just recently law enforcement officers conducted a search at the same prison where several illegal items were found. Among these were 18 cellular phones, one sim card, 10 phone chargers, 11 earpieces, two phone batteries, three phone cases, 12 charger heads, one mirror, a quantity of wires, two pairs of scissors, a quantity of construction nails, a tweezer, six improvised weapons, a quantity of dried cannabis and 16 lighters.

Regular searches of prisons countrywide are being conducted since inmates started a fire that destroyed most of the Georgetown Prison in 2017.

Isaiah Braithwaite.

Image: Guyana Prison Service.