Technical and vocational training for Hiawa, Region Nine

Pledging the government’s continued support to Hiawa, Region Nine, Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton said residents will benefit from more technical and vocational training.

Last year, residents received training in garment construction, agro-processing and food preparation. In 2023, residents will benefit from joinery and solar panel technology training programmes.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton

“They have facilities, but the major issue is that we have to bring some training to the community so that they will be in a position to manage their assets, and they would be able to sustain the projects that they have.

“They have assets they have machines and generators. It is how you help them manage it to develop the programmes they have and to help them sustain it,” Minister Hamilton said during his recent visit to the region.

He noted that officers from the Small Business Bureau (SBB) will partner with the ministry’s co-op society to facilitate the delivery of these training sessions.

Hiawa residents to benefit from technical and vocational training

“They have great promise here, great assets, and they are far ahead of most co-op societies,” the minister expressed.

Region Nine has significantly benefitted from technical and vocational training. More than 400 persons have benefitted from various programmes in the region, and the range of occupational areas being made available continues to widen.

Minister Hamilton said the government will endeavour to make adequate training available throughout the region.