Textbooks to be shipped to Kopinang Primary School to address shortage

(September 27, 2018) – On Monday, September 24, 2018, a concerned resident expressed concern in the Kaieteur News about a shortage of textbooks at the Kopinang Primary School in Region Eight, Potaro – Siparuni. An investigation into the issue revealed that indeed there was a shortage of textbooks in the core areas of Mathematics, Science, English and Social Studies at the school.

The textbooks packaged and ready to be shipped to the students of Kopinang Primary School.

To remedy the issue, the Ministry of Education through its Book Distribution Unit took note of the textbooks that were needed and the items have been sourced and prepared to be shipped to Region Eight today so that the children of Kopinang Primary School can each have access to the material they need to advance their academic pursuits.

In total, 122 textbooks have been prepared to be sent to the school. Included in that amount are 75 Let’s Do Mathematics textbooks, 36 Fun with Language textbooks and 11 Science around Us textbooks. These textbooks will eliminate the shortage that previously existed.

The Ministry of Education remains committed to ensuring that every child has access to the materials needed in the classroom to promote learning under optimum conditions.

Additionally, the Ministry of Education is appreciative of contributions made by residents within communities even if it is to raise an issue that they believe should be addressed in order to improve education delivery.

The Ministry of Education recognises that collaboration and partnership are key for success to be achieved in the education sector. Hence, all stakeholders are encouraged to continue playing their part and to work with the Ministry to highlight and remedy any gaps in the system that may exist.