“The whole world saw Mingo attempt to destroy democracy” – AG Nandlall

—Speaks to charges against Mingo and unrest at Belladrum

Attorney General (AG) and Minister of Legal Affairs Hon. Mohabir Anil Nandlall, said District Four Returning Officer Mr. Clairmont Mingo attempted to destroy democracy and disenfranchise thousands of voters at the March 2 Elections.

Mr. Mingo who appeared before the Courts this morning had been slapped with four charges in relation to electoral fraud.

Speaking on the sidelines of another engagement this morning, the Attorney-General addressed the recent unrest in the West Coast Berbice community of Belladrum noting that there was no basis for the violent protest

“The whole world saw that Mingo attempted to deny tens of thousands of people their votes. The world saw that Mingo attempted to destroy democracy in this country; that Mingo played a role in causing Guyana to come to near destruction,” he emphasised.

AG Nandlall noted that the local and international communities along with Guyana’s legal system demand that Mr. Mingo is made to face the law.

“The law is being applied. Mr. Mingo is being detained and the investigations into his conduct are ongoing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. That is what is expected in a civilized democratic country.”

He pointed to the fact that the attorney’s representing Mr. Mingo twice attempted to challenge his detention at the High Court, but were unsuccessful on both occasions. Reminding that the judge had ruled the detention as lawful, the Attorney-General said this means the challenge was premature and there was no basis for protest action.

He highlighted that the protest action which has turned violent is being organised and sponsored by the People’s National Congress (PNC).

“The world saw the PNC attempt to steal the elections. The world saw them trying to destroy democracy, the world saw them trying to steal the votes of tens of thousands of Guyanese. The world saw them trampling upon the rule of law, the world saw them slaughtering the constitution and now the world is seeing them continuing in that undemocratic, unlawful mode,” the AG emphasised.

According to the Attorney-General, the PNC has displayed similar actions in the past. He alluded to the 1992, 1997 and 2001 elections where the PNC after losing destroyed public and private property. This year (2020) was an attempt to return to “old ways.” 

The Attorney-General noted that in comparison, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP)’s five years in opposition, despite grievances, never saw the adoption of the conduct being displayed by the PNC. He said the PPP approached the courts, parliament and protested peacefully.