Theatre and performing arts for Reg. 3 schools

− initiative is expected to be provided by September

− announcement made during govt outreach in the region

DPI, Guyana, Monday, May 14, 2019

Five secondary schools in Region 3, Essequibo Islands-West Demerara, are slated to be selected for the implementation of theatre and performing arts in September 2019.

Director of Culture Tamika Boatswain made this announcement during the ‘Government Comes to You’ outreach held in April at the Leonora Synthetic Track.

Candacy Amsterdam, a teacher and resident of Region 3.

The commitment by the Department of Culture follows an approach to the agency by Candacy Amsterdam, to have theatre and performing arts integrated into the secondary schools’ curriculum as a way of fostering more significant development and an appreciation among students.

Amsterdam, a teacher who volunteered her services to teach theatre arts in schools after her involvement in the performing arts for some time, approached Director of Culture, Tamika Boatswain with a detailed proposal which she believes can significantly impact the level and quality of inclusive education in Guyana.

“I feel strongly about theatre arts being taught in schools, especially to students within the region [Region 3] who should have the opportunity to choose the various disciplines under this programme,” Amsterdam explained.

The teacher recalled a very frutiful conversation with the director and with the commitment made, it will become beneficial to youth development as it will help to build character going forward.

“I have already spoken to relevant stakeholders about this initiative to see what can be done. Hopefully, we will be able to have this initiative on stream by September of this year,” Director Boatswain explained, adding that the proposal presented is a great one which will bring the coalition government one step closer to their goal of creating well-rounded individuals. More educational institutions will be selected to be a part of this initiative pending on students’ response.  

Neola Damon.

Image: Karime Peters.