Three-day Amerindian art, craft and cuisine expo ends on high note

It was an explosion of craft and cuisine as the Amerindian Village at the Sophia Exhibition Centre came alive once again for the final day of the Amerindian Heritage Month, Art, Craft and Cuisine expo.

Over the past three days, a number of indigenous items was on display- from headdresses, conch shells, and tibisiri furniture to tuma pot, wild meat, and pepper pot.

Families turned out in numbers for the explosion of craft and cuisine

Patrons and exhibitors all expressed pride and gratitude at the opportunity to display and witness all aspects of Amerindian culture, with some proclaiming that they wished the event lasted longer.

Arlene Abrams, who hails from Moruca, Region One presented a range of indigenous cuisine -bush cow, labba, cassava bread, and piwari. She said she appreciated the opportunity to display these aspects of her culture.

Arlene Abrams

Florence Wilson, from the Rupununi district said, “It’s wonderful. I wish it went on for longer.”

Pamela English, from Region One expressed, “I’m very happy because the two years have strengthened us. We didn’t give up, and after we heard that heritage would be on, we were prepared for it.”

Florence Wilson

This year, Amerindian Heritage Month is being celebrated under the theme, ‘Celebrating our traditional culture while building One Guyana’.

An extensive calendar of activities is in store for the entirety of heritage month, as government continues to make strides to benefit indigenous communities.

Indigenous craft on display

The indigenous community of Mainstay/Whyaka in Region Two has been named Heritage Village for this year.