“Time is the best gift you can give” – Min. Edghill

Persons are urged to give the gift of time to their children and loved ones during this holiday season. This call comes from the Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill, Minister of Public Works.

Describing this Christmas season as an important one, Minister Edghill, who joined staff of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) for a Christmas toast on Wednesday afternoon, said it’s important that the gift of their time is shared between work and family.

“Firstly, I wish to extend best wishes to you and your families as we celebrate this very important season of Christmas, it has been a challenging year for us, but I think we have done well in overcoming most of our obstacles.

“Take time for your family at Christmas. As I told the group at CJIA a few days ago, the best gift you can give your children is time,” Minister Edghill reiterated.

Later on, Minister Edghill participated in the annual Christmas meet and greet at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, welcoming passengers and presenting them with tokens of appreciation: traditional Guyanese beverages, and samples of local Christmas cakes.

Gifts were also presented to the children travelling with their parents and families.

Meanwhile, asked about the need to keep up some traditions despite the challenges and tragedies faced by the nation recently, Minister Edghill said the PPP/C Government led by President Irfaan Ali continues to govern with the citizen’s best interest at heart.

“A few weeks ago the country was first of all gripped into fear because of the aggression that was coming from our Western neighbor, then we had mourning, but as leaders of the country, His Excellency the President, and the cabinet knew that we have to keep people at some level of normalcy, last Thursday, the President went out and met the Venezuelan President, and it made a big difference.

“We were able to mourn and bury our dead, and we are getting Guyanese to come to a place of saying, look it is Christmas, there is no better Christmas than a Guyanese Christmas, we might not have all the big celebrations that we are accustomed to, but we want people to be normal, and we have to keep people together, unite people, share the love. We have to keep our focus because we have a country to build, and we have a nation to see prosper,” Minister Edghill stated.  

A total of 650 passengers received Christmas treats during day one of the meet and greet exercise. They arrived on flights from Jet Blue, Caribbean Airlines, and two American Airlines carriers. Jet Blue arrived at 10:30 pm and was followed by CAL shortly after, while American Airlines final flight arrived just after midnight.