Title ‘Speeding truck drivers to be banned from using DHB- Minister Edghill’

As part of the Ministry’s plan to ensure that the Demerara Harbour Bridge keeps afloat, even as engineers battle to revive the structure’s retractor span, Minister of Public Works, Honourable Bishop Juan Edghill, has announced that speeding truck drivers will be banned from utilizing the services of the bridge.

Minister Edghill made the announcement this morning, during a meeting with truck drivers at the Demerara Harbour Bridge. His warning came just after the General Manager of the Habour Bridge, Mr. Rawlston Adams appealed to truckers to adhere to the speed limit, as it can cause further damage to the structure.

The bridge, Adams reasoned, can further deteriorate if truck drivers, especially loaded trucks, speed and apply harsh brakes. To this, Minister Edghill said, “If the Bridge security catches anybody speeding on the bridge, ban them from using it. If we understand…and I want you to time it, at a certain mile per hour, you’re suppose to know how long you will take, and we need to check to see who is exceeding it, and we will ban them. The truck number and everything will be out there so everybody will know that you cannot traverse the bridge.”

The meeting this morning with the truck drivers was geared towards finding solutions for alternative crossing for laden trucks, as the Bridge prepares for repairs to the retractor span.

A proposed solution largely discussed was the introduction of a barge system, where about 15 loaded trucks, will be allowed at once, to transport their goods to Region Three.

Most truck drivers agreed to the barge crossing, while others were concerned about the location of the transit point. One suggestion was also made for truck drivers with load to use the barge to transport their goods on the West side, while empty trucks would use the bridge to return.


To facilitate a much-needed retraction tomorrow, truckers will not be allowed to use the Demerara Harbour Bridge from 08:30hrs to 11:00hrs.

“In the interim we want to ask that we continue at the 18 tonnes, up to this weekend, when we find an alternative, but tomorrow because we want to carry in some fuel, because one of the depots is running low, we’ve decided that we have to do another retraction like we did the other day but it wouldn’t last that long,” the General Manager explained.