Top New York hospitals assisting with treatment of Mahdia fire survivors

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) will receive specialised supplies from the Division of Trauma, Burns, Critical and Acute Care within the Weill Cornell Hospital, through the support of New York’s Mount Sinai Health System, to ensure the best care is given to the Mahdia fire survivors.

“I have committed to these children and their families that whatever it takes for those who require medical attention now, we will do it…We are going to be by their side as a government and as a people, as long as it takes,” President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali stated during a live broadcast Wednesday morning.

The president also urged Guyanese to utilise whatever spaces are available to demonstrate their collective love and support for the families, children, and communities in their time of need.

He reminded them to be responsible and respectful in their handling of the situation at this time.

President Ali Tuesday announced that Mount Sinai will play an instrumental role in the identification of those victims who were unfortunately burned beyond recognition in the fire at the Mahdia dormitory, Region Eight.

DNA samples will be taken from the unidentified 13 victims and sent to Mount Sinai, as the hospital’s New York laboratory delivers the swiftest results.

Barbadian Forensic Pathologist, Dr Shubhakar Karra Paul arrived in Guyana early Tuesday to assist in the process.