Tourism mural unveiled at Moleson Creek, Berbice

The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) unveiled a tourism mural at the Canawaima Ferry Terminal at Moleson Creek, Berbice, Region Six on Tuesday, in observance of World Tourism Day.

The vibrant and colourful mural signifies all that Guyana has to offer to its people and visitors.

Official tourism mural at the Canawaima Ferry Terminal at Moleson Creek Training and Tourism Development Officer at GTA, Chetnauth Persaud, Senior Revenue Clerk at the Canawaima Ferry Service, Vinatta Persaud, Mayor of Corriverton,Winston Roberts, Artist Colin Nedd, and Training and Licensing Manager at the Guyana Tourism Authority, Tamika Inglis

Kaieteur Falls, the Umana Yana, St George’s Cathedral, the National Flags of Guyana and Suriname, and the Victoria Regia Lily are some of the elements of the mural. 

World Tourism Day was celebrated under the theme ‘Rethinking Tourism’. 

Unveiling of the mural

This underscores tourism as an integral pillar of growth and development.

The addition and integration of the mural at the ferry port will significantly contribute to the promotion of long-term economic growth, the development and maintenance of cultural identity, and developing a sense of belonging within the community.

GTA has been working continuously to develop more tourism products in every region to widen the tourism market, and providing the necessary training to build the capacity of stakeholders, which will help them to evolve with the industry.

Mayor of Corriveton, Winston Roberts

Mayor of Corriverton, Winston Roberts lauded the Tourism Ministry for the mural as a great initiative to showcase Corriverton, “I’m happy that the Ministry of Tourism in this initiative to put a signboard up in this area. So, that the tourists can know what Guyana looks like. I must say that I’m very happy at this point of time to know that, Upper Corentyne, it will enhance the beauty of the area now. And more so, when they get into the town of Corriverton.”

Meanwhile, Training and Licensing Manager at the GTA, Tamika Inglis noted that the mural is a representation of the flora, fauna, national animals, and historical landmarks, “Persons travelling between Guyana and Suriname can now admire this picture and use it as a selfie station to take beautiful pictures. This, I believe, will help to promote Guyana and its beauty.”

A section of the gathering at the unveiling of the mural

Inglis noted that for the past two years, tourism was on a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic which affected all sectors.

She added that we must review the way we view tourism and understand how fragile the market can be when faced with unforeseen challenges such as COVID-19 and other issues.

“The impact tourism has on our economy especially within the region is enough reasons for us to put necessary measures in place to safeguard the livelihood of our tourism stakeholders, especially persons working within the sector. Finding more unique ways to capture the tourism market as well as promoting domestic tourism is a step in the right direction,” Inglis underscored.

She highlighted that the progress made must be commended, in relation to showcasing Guyana as an ideal destination for eco and sport tourism. 

Artist, Colin Nedd

The artist, Colin Nedd stated that the painting represents tourism in Guyana since it depicts culture, heritage, flora, fauna, and wildlife.

He provided details about the background of the mural and what each element represents. This is the first tourism mural he has painted.

He described his artistic style as realism and symbolism.

“I’m glad to represent the Ministry of Tourism at this level. I did a lot of other works that people may recognise in Guyana like, for instance, the paintings in the zoo.”

Senior Revenue Clerk at the Canawaima Ferry Service, Vinatta Persaud

Meanwhile, Senior Revenue Clerk at the Canawaima Ferry Service, Vinatta Persaud extended gratitude to the Ministry of Tourism for providing the ferry service with the beautiful mural. She noted that the mural will beautify the port and educate tourists about Guyana’s diverse culture.

The PPP/C administration gave tourism top priority as a sector for sustainable development and as one with enormous potential to advance the nation.