Traffic Advisory for Emergency Repairs to Pirara Bridge

The Ministry of Public Works is currently overseeing emergency repairs to collapsed section of the Pirara Bridge along the Linden-Lethem Corridor.

Remedial works have been completed by Contractor Lumber King Enterprises which would allow the crossing of ONLY light vehicles (Gross Weight of 10 Tons) at this time.

This includes the following vehicles:

  1. Bicycle and Motorcycles
  2. Cars and Car Derivatives
  3. Sport Utility Vehicles
  4. Four Wheel Drive Vehicles
  5. Small Buses
  6. Small Trucks and Canters (Unladen)
  7. Light Trailers (Pig Trailers, Dog Trailers and Small Semitrailers)

In accordance with the Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulation

  • Single Axle Loads are restricted to  3 Metric tons (6614 lbs)
  • Tandem Axle Loads are restricted to 4.5 Metric tons (9921 lbs)

The structure will be further reinforced to allow for unladen trucks and heavier vehicles to cross by 12:00pm on April 15, 2021. It should be noted that while heavier vehicles are now allowed to cross the Bridge the maximum gross weight remains at 30 Tons.

This will include the following vehicles:

  1. Large buses
  2. Single and Tandem Axle Trucks
  3. Trucks with Large Trailers

The Ministry has estimated that repairs to facilitate the crossing of fully loaded (within the legal weight limits) heavy vehicles will be completed with two (2) weeks. The Ministry finally wishes to reiterate that under no circumstances should vehicles exceeding the weight restrictions attempt to cross the Pirara Bridge.