Traffic Chief warns of implications for dangerous parking

The Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department has issued a warning to motorists to ensure they comply with the traffic laws of Guyana when parking their vehicles along the roadways, especially in congested areas.

During a virtual broadcast on Sunday, Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Mahendra Singh made the appeal and said the authorities have observed dangerous parking usually at key public agencies in the city.

Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Mahendra Singh

Officer Singh explained that roadways are blocked and the free flow of traffic is interrupted. It also poses an obstacle for pedestrians which can lead to fatalities.

“We at the traffic department, we are seeking to sensitise as much as possible to cause a realignment of focus on each motorist, to ensure they understand the implication when such an act is being committed,” underscored the traffic chief.

The warning, he said is being issued in the interest of road users who have the chance to do the right thing and avoid being placed before the courts for reckless use of the roadways.

“We are asking you to comply with the rules of the road and directions of police in uniform. We are asking you to be considerate to the extent that you will park your vehicles in designated places or spaces and to resist the temptation to become an errant motorist,” he emphasised.

He added, “We are taking this step to inform you, to empower you, to assist you so as to cause you not to be in receipt of a ticket.

Senior Superintendent Singh further urged road users to utilise the roadways with due care and caution, so that every stakeholder on the roadway is kept safe.