Transformational projects in pipeline for Reg. 2 – Min. Patterson

― Supenaam to Charity highway to be upgraded

― Charity Waterfront Project in the design phase

By Shaquille Bourne

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, May 30, 2019

Residents of Region 2 on Essequibo Coast are set to benefit from various projects under the Ministry of Public Infrastructure in the following year. This was revealed on Wednesday by the Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson, at a community engagement at Queenstown Primary School.

One of the major projects to come on stream is the upgrade of the Supenaam to Charity Highway. This highway will feature an upgrade from the single-lane carriageway to a double-lane network. The upgrade of the Essequibo Coast Highway will enable a smoother flow of traffic throughout the region as it continues to develop.

Meanwhile, like the Supenaam Waterfront Enhancement, residents of Charity will have the opportunity to experience a similar developmental initiative. Minister Patterson relayed to the residents at the community engagement that the project is partly funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and is currently in the design phase. This project is destined to represent a significant boost to Charity, benefitting boating operators, vendors, restaurant owners and other business persons.

With respect to these developments, Minister Patterson said:

“Every single region, every single person has to move forward irrespective of who you voted for.”

The Public Infrastructure Minister was accompanied by the Director-General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon, on Wednesday, at a community meeting following the ‘Government comes to you’ outreach. The Director-General reaffirmed the Coalition Government’s commitment to all Guyanese. “Government is about the people of this country. It means that those that are elected to govern must govern with that mandate… This is about creating a better life for you.”

Many persons that attended the community engagement were elated to learn of the projects that will be kickstarted. Brian Christiani, a resident, highlighted the need for the highway double-lane widening, stating, “I for one have been advocating that the roads are too narrow. Sometimes it’s difficult to overtake even with a bicycle.” In welcoming the project, Christiani said: “It will definitely benefit this region”.

Member of Parliament, Michael Carrington and Director of Sport, Christopher Jones attended the community engagement as well. The Ministerial engagement that culminated after the Coalition Government’s outreach at Anna Regina on Wednesday is an effort to better understand the needs of the people and to bring government’s services directly to the Guyanese.

Images: Karime Peters