“Tree Plan” for each community- Minister Bulkan at 3TP launch

DPI/GINA, Monday, June 12, 2017

The Ministry of Communities officially launched its Ten Thousand Trees Planting Project (3TP) in Berbice, Region Six on Friday.

Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan hands over tools to one NCD councilor

Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan, at the opening ceremony held at the Eversham Post Office Road, described 3TP is an initiative to strengthen the local government system. “It is because of the fact that trees are located in communities that a programme of this nature…can only stand a chance of being successful if it involves all of the organs that have a responsibility for the management and development of communities which are local government organs, or the local democratic organs,” Minister Bulkan explained.

The local democratic organs across the country will have to craft a “Tree Plan” for trees to be planted in their communities during the life of the Council Minister Bulkan said. As coordinator of the 3TP, the Ministry of Communities will aim to plant 10,000 trees in each community across the country over the next three years. Trees, to be planted, will be sourced from within the Region. Minister Bulkan added that the 3TP is also part of the pursuit of the government’s green agenda and green state.

Minister Bulkan plants the first tree of the Ten thousand Trees Planting Project (3TP)

Planting trees across the country is also expected to mitigate the warming of the planet as a result of climate change, Minister Bulkan noted. The Minister pointed out that climate change has resulted in severe weather among other adverse effects that will directly affect Guyana.

Planting trees also reduces the factors that lead to the production of greenhouse gases particularly carbon dioxide. “Trees are important for the survival of our planet as well as to the survival of our human life,” the Minister added.

Regional Chairman of Region Six, Permaul Armoogan, described the 3TP is “a very important initiative”. Ministry officials also presented several Neighbourhood Democratic Councils in Region Six with farming tools during the 3TP launch.

The tree planting initiative was conceived in 2015 by President David Granger when he dedicated the first Saturday in October as National Tree Day. The annual National Tree Day is a signal of the government’s commitment to pursue a green path of development.

By: Tiffny Rhodius