Twelve patient care assistants trained at GPHC

GINA, GUYANA, Tuesday April 04, 2017

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation is facilitating the training of twelve medical practitioners as Patient Care Assistants to work in Operating Theatres. The trainees included two technicians from Belize. The training will last for 12 months and will cover both theory and practice.

Patient Care Assistants with Officials of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation

Patient Care Assistants commonly known as Surgical Technologists or operating room technicians help with surgical procedures under the supervision of surgeons, anaesthesiologists, nurses and members of the surgical team. They also ensure that the operating room is sterile before, during and after surgery.

Chief Executive Officer (ag) GPHC, Allan Johnson pointed out that the trainees were selected based on their ability to provide quality patient care, working along with surgical technicians and other theatre staff to aid in saving lives

“Those who graduate from this group will join an elite group of people working in the OR (Operating Room). Those, who are working in OR are elite people in any hospital that they work, you have the opportunity …to join that elite group and to set yourself apart from others that are not in OR,” Johnson said.

Clinical Instructor, Nursing Services, Gail Gill who is one of the trainers, said the trainees need to ensure that the service they provide is of an acceptable standard.

“You must have the ability to control yourself in particular situations… sound knowledge of basic principles and receptive techniques which you are taught and must practice… awareness of your obligation, trustworthy and reliable, committed and concern for each of your fellow human beings and  your willingness to assist patients and colleagues,”  Gill said, adding that OR Technicians need to be mentally alert, in good physical health have unlimited patience and an unfailing conscience.

Nurse Educator, Nursing Services, Owen John noted that both the GPHC and the trainees have expectations which should be met.

John said while the GPHC would be hoping that the trainees do well on the course, the trainees would be hoping that the hospital provides the enabling environment to support the training.


By: Delicia Haynes