UG students earmarked to receive COVID-19 assistance

through UGSS initiative

 DPI, Guyana, Friday, May 15, 2020

The University of Guyana’s Student Society (UGSS) is providing students on both the Turkeyen and Tain campuses in need of assistance with care packages.

President of the UGSS, Jafar Gibbons, told DPI that the decision to support at-risk and vulnerable students was birthed in April by the student council.  A special committee was established within the council to manage the venture.

The aim is “to reach out and help those vulnerable students who require such help,” Gibbons explained. “Some of our constituents are having trouble accessing the internet, providing for their families and themselves along with other financial difficulties.”

‘UG Cares’, another organ of the University is also providing care packages and psychological support for students, alumni, staff and pensioners.

See full statement by the UGSS and details on how to apply below: –

Targeted students of the University of Guyana will benefit from a care package designed by the current UGSS council. Approved at the last council meeting, students from all over the country that are a part of the University of Guyana will be able to access such a package by virtue of applying to the UGSS email at

Coming out of the UGSS, students are to apply for the special package via email. Students are expected to state their name, age, year of study, telephone number along with a brief synopsis as to why they are qualified enough for such a package. Each application received will be vetted by the current UGSS council to ensure that applicants have been deemed in need of this system of assistance.

Due to the government-imposed lockdown; a lot of persons are now unemployed as a few jobs had to apply cuts to staff to sustain the burden caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. Laid off workers, of which some students are, are now left without any job, and no income to sustain them. The UGSS sees this as assisting and protecting those vulnerable students.