Unanimity reached for Ethnic Relations, Police Service Commissions – Minister Teixeira

-names to be approved at Monday’s sitting

The National Assembly’s Committee on Appointments has “reached unanimity” on the names to serve on the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) and the Police Service Commission (PSC)- two critical constitutional bodies.

This was revealed by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Hon. Gail Teixeira, M.P, during her appearance on the ‘Parliamentary Agenda’ programme on Wednesday evening.

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Hon. Gail Texeira, MP

The nomination of commissioners for the ERC has two stages which must be completed before final names are brought to the National Assembly.

“The first [stage] is a list of entities that you’re gonna consult. Then when you consult with all the NGOs who were approved by parliament, then you come back with the names, for the President to appoint, that’s a simple majority [decision],” the governance minister explained.

Additionally, the minister highlighted that the committee has also come to a consensus about the names to be presented as Commissioners for the PSC.

“The Police Service Commission, we have four names here from the committee on appointments. We reached unanimity on both motions, the ERC and the PSC,” she said.

Minister Teixeira also expressed hope that this is the final part of the process and that no rehashing will be done by members of the committees.

“Hopefully nothing, as they say, turns the apple cart upside down when we come to vote…I’m really looking forward to getting those constitutional bodies hopefully passed, if possible before we go into budget,” the minister highlighted.

The appointment of members to serve on these commissions will soon be accompanied by names for the Public Procurement Commission (PPC), which is another important constitutional body.

“I am pleased that we reached a point on Monday [last] to have agreed to the five people for the [PPC]…we are just finalising the motion and the report to go to Parliament,” she noted.