UNICEF, US Government donate technological items to CDC

UNICEF Area Representative for Guyana and Suriname, Mr. Nicolas Pron, today donated computers and GIS devices to the CDC at their headquarters in Thomas Lands.

The US Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission, Ms. Adrienne Galanek, was also present at the handover as the US Government was instrumental in ensuring that the tech items were acquired and given to the Commision to aid in their preparedness and response mandate. Receiving for the CDC was Director General, Col. Nazrul Hussain, who indicated that such resources have a valuable role in enhancing the national response mechanism particularly during hazard assessments.

Mr. Pron iterated, “I am happy to hand over these computers and other equipment today, to support the CDC’s Preparedness and Response to humanitarian situations.” The strong and continued alliance between the Civil Defence Commission, UNICEF and the US Government has seen many instances of aid, hazard response and resilience improvements over the years.

All involved organizations have vowed to ensure that the partnerships are solidified even further given the challenges ahead.