Upgrades to Owen, McDougal Streets to improve residents’ lives

Residents of Owen and McDougal Streets in Kitty, Georgetown are hailing the $39 million upgrades to the roads, noting that they are long-overdue and have hampered their ability to go about their daily lives.

During a DPI visit to the worksite today, several residents said the repairs to the derelict streets will improve their livelihoods.

Resident, Mr. Christopher Dharamraj

Mr. Christopher Dharamraj said “doing over the road will help. It will allow the people to feel a bit more comfortable and ease access in and out of the street itself.”

The rehabilitation, he said, would also reduce burdensome transportation costs and other inconveniences that hamper residents.

“Maintenance is more than it would normally be… You going to wash your vehicle today and by the time you drive out [there is] mud on your wheels. It is very good that the Government is engaged in doing the road. It will satisfy the residents and persons that got to go in and out here,” he added.

Resident, Ms. Neita Singh

Ms. Neita Singh, a businesswoman who resides on McDougal Street, bemoaned the state of the roads, which have been dilapidated for decades.  She anticipates that the upgrading of the road will increase sales at her convenience store.

“I live here for the past 30 years and the road in this condition. Even when you have a function, you have to build a piece of road in front of you by yourself. If a taxi is to pick you up, they will put you off where the good road is and tell you that they can’t go in,” she explained.

The potholed streets are quickly inundated whenever it rains.

“If the weather is dry, the water is still left in there. If the weather is wet, it is terrible,” Ms. Singh said.

Contractor of XL Engineering, Mr. Zahir Khan

Meanwhile, contractor of XL Engineering, Mr. Zhahir Khan, who is spearheading the project, said 12 workmen have already started working, following a site visit on Monday and subsequent mobilisation.

An excavator is currently clearing the road shoulders of debris, after which some utility poles will be relocated to facilitate the widening of the road.  

Excavator cleaning the shoulders of McDougal Street, Kitty

The project also entails the construction of concrete drains on both sides of the roadways to improve drainage.

On December 30, Minister of Public Works, Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill, ventured into the community to inspect the works to be done and briefed residents on the contract, which has a three-month deadline.

The project falls within a wider group of 100 roads that are to be rehabilitated through the Ministry.