Upper Mazaruni villages get boat engines

The journey for many children in the Upper Mazaruni area will become easier now that boat engines have been given to seven villages there.

The engines, which were handed over by Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, M.P, are for Kamarang, Waramadong, Jawalla, Kambaru, Omanaik, Chinoweing and Kako.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, MP, along with MP Lee Williams, Toshao of Kamarang, Lemmel Thomas and other regional and Ministerial representatives pose for a photo with the engines

Minister Sukhai made the presentation in Kamarang on Friday, along with Member of Parliament for Region Seven, Lee Williams, before they were sent to the various villages.

Toshao of Kamarang, Lemmel Thomas noted that the 40-horsepower engine is much welcomed, as the recent unprecedented flooding exposed the vulnerabilities of villages in the Upper Mazaruni area.

“We are a riverine community, and so transportation is needed for movement of farmers, school children, miners and so on. So, we would have requested for such an equipment because of the population growth and the rise of farming, schooling and so forth. We really thank (the) minister for this intervention at this time. During the floods, we were short of outboard engines, were had to visit every corner of the community and that time we were really in need of transportation.”

Toshao of Kamarang, Lemmel Thomas

Additionally, Minister Sukhai also brought with her other equipment to aid the villages’ economy and aesthetics.

“The villages that will be receiving two sewing machines are Quebanang, Ammokokopai, Arrau, Phillipai, and Chinoweing. We have delivered two chainsaws today to Kaikan, Arrau and Waramadong will be receiving two later in the day. Kako has received two brush cutters,” Minister Sukhai said.

A radio set has already been given to Wayaleng, while Quebanang also received a solar set to harvest electricity.

This is just part of the initiatives of the Government, to fast-track the development in Amerindian villages.

Already, the Community Support Officers, CSOs, that were fired in 2015 were reinstated by this government. Hundreds of Amerindian youths have been trained in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

The government, through the Amerindian affairs ministry has also trained and certified many Amerindians as tractor drivers.

Some of the chainsaws that were distributed to Region Seven villages today

Additionally, government has acquired 112 tractors and trailers and has begun the mass distribution to Amerindian communities.

Amerindians also benefitted from the $25, 000 COVID-19 cash grant and were the only group of people to receive community grants to pursue economic ventures, to cushion the effects of the pandemic.

They were also included in the $19,000 school uniform cash and agriculture grants.

Meanwhile, Minister Sukhai, M.P Lee Williams, along with Manager of Gold Target Export, Christian Baksh, presented toys to hundreds of children in Kamarang, Imbaimadai and Kaikan. Another team has already set out to distribute toys to the other villages in the Upper Mazaruni area.