‘Vending will be allowed but not permanent structures’ – Min. Edghill tells Seawall vendors

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill emphasised that approved small business enterprises and individuals conducting business along the Georgetown Sea Defence Reserve (Seawall) between Camp Street and the Kitty roundabout will be permitted to ply their trade, once they comply with the stipulated requirements.

The minister asserted the government’s position on the matter, Wednesday afternoon during an engagement with vendors while clarifying all misconceptions being peddled on social media.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill engaging vendors on the Kitty Sea Wall, Georgetown

He stressed that vending will continue but there is no room for ‘lawlessness.’

“Every person who has received permission from the Sea and River Defence Board to vend on the Kitty Sea Wall will continue.

Any misinformation that the government was removing vendors is clear mischief-making… All that we are doing is getting people to comply with the terms and conditions of your permit,” Minister Edghill asserted.

Permit conditions dictate that vending structures must be mobile, aesthetically pleasing, and modestly sized, not exceeding a plan area of 100ft. Acceptable structures include collapsible tents, vending trucks, vending carts, and similar easily transportable units.

Structures and amenities used must be dismantled and removed from the sea defence reserve daily at the close of business.

Additional requirements cover waste disposal, cleanliness, noise control, distance from the Seawall Road, traffic safety, and controlled use of recreational devices.

However, Minister Edghill disclosed that some individuals have failed to comply, setting up pit latrines and permanent structures in unauthorised areas.

These structures, located between the Kitty roundabout and the 1823 monument, have been removed.

An agreement was reached between the government and vendors, ensuring designated vending spaces for non-compliant individuals, allowing them to continue their businesses.

Meanwhile, the minister debunked claims suggesting the government is removing vendors to facilitate the development of a hotel. He said, “Again, propaganda. All that we are doing is getting people to comply with the terms and conditions of your permit.”

Vendors were also advised to secure personal items as all containers are scheduled for immediate removal.