Victory Valley bouncing back

─ under Minister Broomes guidance and assistance

DPI, Guyana, Monday, July 30, 2018

It was known as one of Linden’s most impoverished communities with a reputation for crimes, drugs and unemployment.

However, in recent times, the fortunes of Victory Valley are turning around in part thanks to the contributions and assistance of Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes.

Her latest contribution was handed over on Sunday with donations of winning prizes including balls, trophies and medals for the community’s football tournament. This competition is aimed at keeping the youths meaningfully and constructively occupied.

The tournament was the brainchild of resident and footballer John Brown who after realising the talent of the youths in the community decided to see how he could help them reach their true potential. “They have youths in the Valley that got great skill but we never got the chance to go out and play for people see we, so we decide to bring the people to we… I expect betterment for the youths in the Valley from this.”

At the opening ceremony on Sunday, Minister Broomes said that she will continue to support not only sports development but development as a whole in Victory Valley. She stressed that this sort of community development should not be only in Linden, but in the entire Region 10. “I am here to support you.”

Member of Parliament, Jermaine Figueira also donated footballs and jerseys to the players as did Commander of A Division, Assistant Commissioner Clifton Hicken. MP Figueira said, in an effort to see community development, he and Minister Broomes have been working assiduously with the youths and residents of Victory Valley.

“We believe sports can be a vehicle to develop in the community and that is why we are happy that Minister Broomes has seen it fit to partner with us so that we can continue to promote this sport within the community. This will have a spinoff effect on the other communities.”

The community presented the minister with a custom-made t-shirt and a sports outfit as an expression of appreciation for all her work.  Following an outreach earlier this year, it was realised there were a number of social issues facing the community which Minister Broomes has actively sought to have addressed.

The community has built three access bridges, a community playfield and the fencing and cleaning of the surroundings of the community centre. An ICT hub and its access road will be placed in Region 10’s 2019 budget along with street lights, farming tools and other equipment.

Story and Images: Vanessa Braithwaite