Wakenaam finally gets street lighting

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Residents of Wakenaam Island are basking in newly installed led lights around the Island community. In keeping with an announcement previously made by Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, the first batch of lights and were installed.

The installation of the energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly led lights came amidst years of there being no street lights on the island, residents’ complaints and government’s ‘Green Agenda’ which seeks to ensure that the country is developed with environmentally friendly and sustainable projects.

Jermaine Roger, a resident of Maria Johanna said, “This is real improvement to the highest. Imagine what we thought could never happen is unfolding before our very eyes. Who could have thought that Wakenaam of all places will get street lights? This is just wonderful and anybody that criticises this move just like punishing.”

“Many times, at nights, people are scared to traverse the road because as you know this is a farming community and we have a lot of snakes around. Countless times the poisonous labaria would be sleeping on the road and people got bitten already. With the lights now, some amount of fear is removed and we welcome this level of development,” said Julian Roberts from Noitgedacht, another village in brightness.

Outside of Maria Johanna and Noitgedacht, the other villages that are enjoying the lights include Domburg, Fredricksburg, Sans Souci, Belle Plaine and Sarah.

Community Development Officer, Perry Birbal noted that the lights are not enough to cover the entire island, but it’s a start in the right direction. “Lights are finally here and mind you the promise was made just a few months ago by Minister Patterson. He delivered on his promise and we must commend him for that. Indeed, we don’t have for all the posts around the island but I am guided that this is just the first shipment, we are to expect more light in the second shipment and in due time the entire island will enjoy street lights. So, I am appealing to areas that have not yet received to bear with us a little more, as slowly the good life is coming to all of us,” said Birbal who is also the Regional Councillor representing the island.

Story and Images: Ganesh Mahipaul