Water supply systems valued $49M commissioned at Kamwatta, Haimaracabra

over 1,100 residents to benefit altogether

Approximately 900 residents of Kamwatta in Region One now have advanced access to potable water, following the commissioning of a new $25 million water supply system there. 

The system was commissioned Sunday morning by Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, who was joined by regional officials. 

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal addressing residents of Kamwatta

The scope of works included the drilling of a $15 million 61-metre well by D&R Construction.

The sum of $7 million was spent on the installation and distribution network comprising four kilometres of pipes and the photovoltaic system, along with the construction of the well fence.

These works were undertaken by Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) in collaboration with the Village Council. 

Pipes will also be installed to service 10 per cent of the villagers who are living some distance away from the system. 

Another $24 million water supply system was also commissioned in Haimaracabra, benefitting over 300 residents. 

Of that amount, some $18 million was spent on drilling the well at a depth of 61 metres by D&R Construction.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal along with other officials at the commissioning of the $24M water supply system at Haimaracabra

Additionally, the sum of $6 million was injected into installing the distribution network and photovoltaic system, and the construction of the well fence undertaken by GWI and the Village Council. 

Minister Croal remarked, “We have a work programme that we are working within the Moruca sub-region to ensure that every community has access to potable water…We will be drilling about 40 wells in the hinterland region.”

In three and half years, the sum of $3.4 billion has been spent on hinterland water distribution networks.

This year, $1.5 billion has been allocated towards the drilling of more wells and the expansion of water supply systems to boost treated water access.

Several wells are being drilled in the Moruca sub-district in areas such as Santa Rosa, Kumaka, Mora and Rincon. 

Welcoming this critical intervention, Toshao of Haimaracabra, Vivian Edwards highlighted that many communities have been affected by the prolonged dry season.