‘We must remain vigilant, adaptable to solve policing problems’ – Top Cop tells Senior Officers

Even as the Guyana Police Force (GPF) performed exceptionally well in 2023, the Commissioner of Police (Ag) Clifton Hicken has charged senior police officers to remain vigilant, adaptable and proactive to tackle evolving policing challenges.

The Top Cop was delivering remarks at the 2024 Annual Police Officers’ Conference when he made this remark.

Commissioner of Police (Ag) Clifton Hicken addressing senior officers

Commissioner Hicken highlighted the accomplishments achieved which were a collective effort, and the fact that the Police’s 2022-2026 Strategic Management Plan has created a roadmap for progress towards innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

“Through our collective efforts, we have these tangible outcomes that have strengthened our organisation and enhanced our ability to serve and protect the communities. Together we gained remarkable success,” the top cop expressed.

Scores of senior officers gathered for the Annual Police Officers’ Conference

The commissioner also highlighted the achievements gained so far including equipping all police regional divisions with a district intelligence committee, that guides intelligence lead operations, implements predictive analytics for traffic patterns and the decentralisation of services among others.

However, he was keen to note that these challenges preventing safer communities must never be underrated.

“With all of this, let us not underestimate the challenges we face, the complex issues ranging from the persistent threat of drug trafficking to increasing prevalence of cybercrime and digital security threat amidst our resources constraint,” the Commissioner underlined.

Scores of senior officers gathered for the Annual Police Officers’ Conference

The force is also challenged with the low recruitment of new ranks and retention rates.

The three-day conference is themed “Transformative Unity: Nurturing Trust, Youth Development, Professionalism & Safety Through Competence & Strategic Partnerships,” and it presents a platform for reflection on the achievements as well as confronting obstacles and charting the path for the future.