‘Welcome to East Bank Essequibo’, ‘One Guyana’ signboards unveiled

-Part of efforts to improve aesthetics

The aesthetics of Essequibo has been enhanced with the erection of the ‘Welcome to East Bank Essequibo’ and President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s mantra, ‘One Guyana’ signboards at Boerasirie.

The initiative was birthed through collaboration with the private sector, which designed and financed the project.  Bardon Construction’s proprietor, Retesh Singh provided the materials while Big Signers designed the signboard.

Members of the private sector designed and financed the signboard

Minister within the Public Works Ministry, Deodat Indar speaking at the simple unveiling ceremony on Wednesday evening noted that this forms part of the government’s overall development of the country’s aesthetics.

“Whether it’s parks, safe spaces, green spaces, family spaces, roads. We just keep adding to the aesthetics throughout the country,” the minister highlighted. Similar initiatives will be executed in other parts of the country.

The ‘One Guyana’ signboard

However, Minister Indar noted that they are observing instances of vandalism. To this end, he is urging citizens to desist from vandalising these structures that are meant to benefit their communities.

“The vandalism, we’re taking it very seriously…. we don’t want anybody to come and write on it, come and destroy it…. we have to care infrastructure that we put in,” Minister Indar stressed.

Minister Indar participates in a tree-planting exercise

Additional works will continue to further enhance the areas, the minister pointed out.

Meanwhile, businessman Vishal Ambedkhar, who birthed the idea said, “Ever since the president would have started the ‘One Guyana’ initiative and the entire mantra of preaching to the people of Guyana to enhance their community and to make it look better, we as leaders have taken the initiative to kind of contribute in our little way.”

Businessman Vishal Ambedkhar

The government since its assumption to office has been undertaking several artistic projects in an effort to beautify Guyana.  This will eventually propel Guyana as a major tourist attraction.

Many of these projects are spearheaded by the Office of the First Lady under the National Beautification Campaign, with technical support from the Ministry of Public Works.