Welfare of women, children ‘utmost importance’ to gov’t – President Ali

President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali has reaffirmed that the welfare of women and children is a priority of his government.

The president gave the reassurance while responding to questions posed by the media during a press conference at Office of the President, Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, Wednesday.

“There is absolutely no time in which this government will put the welfare of children on second burner or third burner. The welfare of women and children is of utmost importance to us,” the head of state emphasised.   

President Ali shares a light moment with residents during a walkabout

Recognising the invaluable contributions made by women and the significance of nurturing and protecting the future generation, President Ali remains steadfast in his commitment to fostering an environment where women and children can thrive.

Under his leadership, the government has implemented measures to address the unique challenges faced by women and children, ensuring their rights and safety are safeguarded.

Through strategic policies and targeted initiatives, the administration seeks to promote gender equality, eradicate discrimination, and create opportunities for women to actively participate and excel in all aspects.

For example, the government’s Women Innovation and Investment Network (WIIN) programme benefitted about 2,170 beneficiaries in 2021 and 6,193 in 2022. These women gained employable skills through this programme and over 3,000 WIIN graduates received a one-off $50,000 cash grant to help start small businesses. This year, the programme targets an additional 6,000 women.

Apart from the WIIN initiative, a high percentage of women who are budding entrepreneurs also benefitted from small loans from the Small Business Bureau (SBB) to start up or expand their businesses.

Even in the food sector, the president said his government is working on ways to ensure women are included in the agricultural diversification efforts.

Only recently, the government announced that its part-time jobs initiative will be extended to the hinterland and riverine areas, to increase the number of women in the workforce.

Meanwhile, on numerous occasions, President Ali has stressed that investing in the education, health, and social development of women and children is imperative for national progress. In commemoration of World Population Day on July 11, the president noted that by investing more efforts in reducing gender gaps and empowering women and girls, the foundation will be laid for more inclusive and prosperous societies, while reversing the historical injustices meted out to women and girls.