WIIN programme expanded to include men

The Women Innovation and Investment Network (WIIN) training programme, previously geared mainly towards women, is now being expanded to include male participants.

The programme, executed under the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, provides training in several fields after which participants are supported in entrepreneurial and employment ventures.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Hon. Dr. Vindhya Persaud

During a recent televised programme on the National Communications Network (NCN), Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud said “We understand clearly that one cannot only invest in women and not invest in men and boys. So, we have been working with our men folk, and this year, Guyana Women’s Leadership Institute [GWLI], we will be opening the WIIN programme to men.”

The minister highlighted that male participation is not new to the WIIN programme, noting that five per cent of the classroom is constituted by men.  

Meanwhile, she stated that last year WIIN was opened to 1000 youths, and this year the ministry will be moving in that direction once again.

“Every day we are transforming the lives and looking at the potential that exists in the girls, women, men, and boys,” she underscored.

WIIN application flyer

On the heels of the massive growth and influx of participants, the ministry has increased WIIN’s courses and skills training.

The traditional courses offered include child care, care for the elderly, garment construction, Microsoft Office Suite, and home management.

New courses include design decor and events management, plumbing, cell phone repairs, carpentry, masonry, and electrical installation.

Additionally, new courses are being offered through Coursera including graphic design, project management, social media marketing, health and safety in the workplace, AI in today’s world, AI literacy, and workplace productivity.

The programme is free and has no educational or academic requirements.

Persons interested in participating in the WIIN programme can apply online at https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSdBU2RxUVM…/viewform… or visit the ministry’s website or social media platforms.

Application portals close on March 31, 2024.