Winners in the Migrant Art Competition receive prizes

The winners of the World Refugee Day 2023 Migrant Art Competition received their prizes from the Ministry of Education, the Pan-American Development Foundation (PADF), International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) during a prize-giving ceremony at the Ministry’s 26 Brickdam office.

June 20 has been designated World Refugee Day by the United Nations to honour refugees around the globe. This year it was observed under the theme “Hope Away From Home.”

Deputy Chief Education Officer with responsibility for Amerindian Hinterland Education Development (AHED), Mr Marti DeSouza stated the Ministry of Education will continue to ensure that each child, regardless of where they are from, receives the same quality of education offered to every child in Guyana.

The DCEO highlighted that the competition saw the learners creatively displaying their talent. Mr DeSouza noted that the competition saw 61 entries with each art piece telling its own story of hope.

    The learners were judged on their brush strokes and colour usage, texture and shapes, originality, creativity, quality and presentation.

    The Coordinator of the Ministry of Education’s Disaster Risk Prevention and Migrant Support Unit, Ms. Rampattie Prashad-Bisnauth said that the competition is one of the many measures being taken by the Ministry of Education to ensure migrant learners are integrated into the classroom.

    Meanwhile, the Project Director of the Pan-American Development Foundation, Mr Jermaine Grant said that the Ministry of Education among other agencies have been very supportive of the effective integration of migrants and refugees. He said that the competition was not just an art competition, but it was a competition that allowed learners to express their emotions and creativity.

    He further congratulated the participants.

    International Organization for Migration (IOM) National Project Coordinator for the Caribbean, Mr Erin Yaw in her remarks, thanked the Ministry of Education for the steps it has taken to ensure migrant children have access to educational opportunities.

    Alexandre Giacullo Lopes Associate Protection Officer at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) also highlighted the Ministry of Education’s efforts to facilitate the integration of migrant learners. Mr Lopes further expressed the UNHCR’s commitment to collaborate on providing educational opportunities for all.

    The Winners are:

    Region One (Primary):

    1.  Angalie Fitzpatrick (Wauna Primary School)
    2.  Romina Gonzalez (Wauna Primary School)
    3. Betzabeth Nievus (Mabaruma Primary School)

    Region One (Secondary)

    1. Ricardo Nievas (Northwest Secondary School)
    2.  Adeilys Debideen (Wauna Primary Top)

    Region Two (Primary)

    1.  Isai James (Charity Primary School)
    2.  Kaylin Rodriguez (Charity Primary School)

    Region Two (Secondary)

    1. Almeero Daiaz (Cotton Field Secondary School)

    Region Three (Primary)

    1. Angelina Lakeram Dass (Sarawat Primary School)
    2. Greison Villarrel (Stewartville Primary School)
    3. Nichole La Concha (Stewartville Primary School)
    4. Santiago Gonzalez (Greenwich Park Primary School)
    5. Brittany Ramirez (Tuschen Primary School)

    Region Three (Secondary)

    1. Nairelis Singh (Sarawat Primary Top)
    2. Carlos Larez (Sarawat Primary Top)
    3. Krish Persaud (Sarawat Primary Top)
    4. Roximar Freites (Sarawat Primary Top)
    5. Gabriela Singh (Sarawat Primary Top)

    Region Four (Primary)

    1. Jheremi Marcano (Diamond Primary School)
    2. Mayerlin Guerra (Grove Primary School)
    3. Mariangel Beria (Supply Primary School)
    4. Fernandez Rodriguez (Grove Primary School)
    5. Jesus Gomez (Diamond Primary Schoool)

    Region Four (Secondary)

    1. Shania Williams (Diamond Secondary School)
    2. Rubiannys Mohabir (Diamond Secondary)
    3. Yolanda Lopez (Diamond Secondary School)
    4. Daniris Conyers (Supply Secondary School)
    5. Sebastian Gonzalez (Supply Secondary School)

    Georgetown (Primary)

    1. Chrisley Anthonella Gomes Meza ( JE Burnham Primary School)
    2. Sofia Beck (JE Burnham Primary School)

    Georgetown (Secondary)

    1. Dianely Cavel (Cummings Lodge Secondary School)
    2. Cynthia Castell (Cummings Lodge Secondary School)

    Region Seven (Primary)

    1. Zoe Rivera (St Anthony Primary School)
    2. Marianny Angelo Mercedes (St Anthony Primary School)
    3. Danielys Luisimar Wells (St Anthony Primary School)
    4. Sofia Leon (St Anthony Primary School)
    5. Andrea Leon (St Anthony Primary School)

    Region Nine (Primary)

    1. Elendra Henrito (St Ignatius Primary School)
    2. Bianca Crosa (St Ignatius Primary School)
    3. John Carvalno (St Ignatius Primary School)
    4. Alexandra Conejero (Arapaima Primary School)
    5. Sonia Castillo (Arapaima Primary School)

    Region Nine (Secondary)

    1. Alexandrio Dandro (St Ignatius Secondary School)