‘Wish Upon a Star’ initiative warms the hearts of children

With just mere hours to celebrate Christmas Day, the Human Services and Social Security Ministry shared toys and goodies to children in Regions Three, Four and Five as part of its ‘Wish Upon a Star’ initiative.

Minister Vindhya Persaud said since the conception, this initiative aims to fulfil the dreams of children living with disability between the ages of four and fifteen.

This includes children who may have suffered some traumatic or psychological incident, or became an orphan and never had the opportunity to experience the simple act of gift giving.

Since the unveiling of this initiative in 2020, the Ministry has seen resounding support from both the private and public sectors and as such, she thanked those who partnered with the ministry to make this event a reality.  

“With all that was going on in our country regarding the COVID- 19 pandemic, that companies responded so favourably, there are many companies, notably Exxon Mobil, E-Networks, Unique Innovations, public support and even United Women movement, and this is an organisation that works with children living with disabilities.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Hon. Vindhya Persaud

“I think the Wish Upon a Star initiative is growing and next year, I can only envisage that it will get more and more to the stage where we can give to more children. But however, with what we have managed to do this year, hundreds of children would have benefited in all of the regions of Guyana,” the Minister said. Today’s event lowered the curtain for the much-appreciated ‘Wish Upon A Star’ initiative for 2021.