“Work to flatten the curve” – Diaspora Guyanese urge those back home

DPI, Guyana, Monday, April 27, 2020.

Several Guyanese in the New York who have seen the devastating effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are urging those back home to  work on “flattening the curve.”

Frawn Easton who holds two jobs as a cosmetologist and caregiver told DPI she is grateful to be alive after recovering from the virus which killed one of her siblings.

She explained that she contracted the virus from “a family member who came to visit us and they showed flu-like symptoms.”

“My household consisting of five members got infected. Unfortunately, I lost my sister to this dreadful virus only two weeks ago We are still morning, we did not get to give her a proper funeral or burial and it is mentally devastating,” Easton relayed.

An emotional Easton said she is presently in self-isolation and is working on building her immune system. She called on everyone to take the virus seriously and especially appealed to Guyanese back home to adhere to all health guidelines.

Former WBC Cruiserweight Champion, Wayne “Big Truck” Braithwaite, lost his mother to COVID-19 three weeks ago and is reaching out to Guyanese to protect their families through safety measures provided by authorities.

“I am pleading to all my Guyanese brothers and sisters back home, please, please abide by the law, Carelessness cannot be accepted, let’s safeguard our existence,” Braithwaite said.

Former host of the Ricky “D” Show, Ricardo Yahn who has recovered from COVID-19, noted that Guyana still has a chance to fight the pandemic. But can only do so if citizens “do not gamble with their lives.”

“Please adhere to social distancing because you might not be infected with the disease but you may very well be a carrier and following the guidelines will save lives,” Yahn said.

Christopher LaRose, senior pastor and founder of the Christ Prophetic House of Ministry in Brooklyn, New York, disclosed that over the last two days he received numerous phone calls informing him of other Guyanese in the US who has succumbed to the virus.

“Fellow Guyanese you need to take the pandemic seriously. It has spread rapidly in America, over 50,000 in just two months. Guyanese back home, lives are at stake and as a witness to losing relatives and friends to this virus, I can tell you it is unbearable!”

LaRose underscored, “it is important to obey the health measures and protect yourself, your family and the nation of Guyana.”

As of early April of this year 34 Guyanese in New York had died as a result of virus. In Guyana, to date, there are 74 confirmed cases of COVID-19, inclusive of eight deaths and 12 recoveries.