Workforce to see matching salaries, improved quality of life – President Ali

Over the past three and a half years, the PPP/C government has remained steadfast in its commitment to developing every sector in the country, ensuring a continuous improvement in the quality of life for the working class.

In its pursuit of enhancing the lives of all citizens through targeted interventions, the labour force can anticipate matching salaries and an elevated standard of living in the near future.

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

This was according to President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali during his address to the nation in a live broadcast on Tuesday. He emphasised his administration’s aggressive efforts to implement additional measures aimed at easing the burdens faced by the workforce.

“We have to manage this period going up from 2027 to 2030 carefully. And I can assure that we will have one of the most up-skilled and qualified workforce population in this region.

“And, that workforce and work population will see matching benefits, matching salaries, higher quality of life, better standard of living,” the head-of-state underscored.

Recognising the vital role of the labour force in accelerating the country’s development, President Ali highlighted that his administration had crafted a manifesto in consultation with all stakeholders.

This manifesto directly influences and impacts the welfare and well-being of all citizens. Remarkably, almost all commitments outlined in the manifesto have been fulfilled in less than four years, with a commitment to fulfil additional measures in the future.

The president emphasised that the current quality of life should not solely be measured by wages but by the holistic programme and policies implemented by the government to bring improvement to every citizen, especially the labour force.

Government initiatives, including the $25,000 cash grant for each household, reduced interest rates, extension of loan payment moratoriums, creation of over 65,000 jobs, restoration of joint services bonuses, and annual increases in the income tax threshold, have significantly benefited the working class.

These measures alleviate burdens on households, allowing for more disposable income.

“Our interventions to improve the wellbeing of public servants were not limited to wages and salaries. Other initiatives implemented by the government included scholarships for citizens under the GOAL scholarship programme. Close to 30,000 scholarships issued, 72 per cent of which went to women,” President Ali stated.

These efforts have incurred significant costs for the government. Notably, within the housing sector, over 30,000 house lots were allocated, with a majority distributed to public servants.

This year, the government will allocate $135.2 billion to the education sector and $130 billion to the health sector to substantially improve the conditions of the working class.

“The task ahead of us is to continue on this trajectory, to ensure that our workers and every Guyanese enjoy a prosperous future, to ensure that their lives and their family lives be transformed as our societies and communities are also being transformed,” the president assured.

The government’s concern extends beyond the working people to include pensioners and individuals suffering from diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Measures such as increased pensions and subsidy programmes have been implemented to assist individuals facing health challenges.