Works progressing on new $286 Million Charity Market

Vendors will soon be able to ply their trade in a more spacious and modern environment as the $286 million Charity Market in Region Two enters its third stage of completion.

Construction began in January, and significant progress has been made including the laying of the concrete foundation and the installation of the steel framework of the market. Presently, the roofing process with zinc sheets is underway.

Works progressing smoothly on the Charity Market

Just two weeks ago, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag, visited the site where she expressed satisfaction with the swift progress of the project.

the Department of Public Information (DPI) recently interviewed Regional Executive Officer, Susanah Saywack, who highlighted the concerted efforts of engineers and contractors to adhere to the project’s specified timely.

On Friday, the Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke to Regional Executive Officer, Susanah Saywack, who noted that the engineers and contractors are working diligently to complete the project within a specified timeframe.

“So, they finish casting two sections of the market which is the right and centre. The left section is still to be cast. The centre of the steel frame will soon be covered with the zinc sheets,” the REO explained.

The next step involves the installation of stalls to accommodate the vendors.

According to the RE), the dimensions of these stalls will be determined by the chair of the Charity\Urasara Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) after thorough consultation with the vendors.

Additionally, washroom facilities will also be constructed at the market.

Once finished the entire structure, being constructed by Builders Hardware, General Supplies, and Construction, is expected to span 152 feet by 164 feet, providing space for over 100 vendors. The contract was awarded to the firm in December of 2023

In July last year, a significant portion of the market was ravaged by fire due to an electrical issue. Prompt action was taken by the government to rebuild the facility so that vendors could resume earning their daily bread.