Yarakita residents laud Gov’t initiatives

Residents of Yarakita, Barima-Waini (Region One) are satisfied with the work of the government, as it continuously addresses issues facing residents of that region.

The PPP/C Administration has been fulfilling its commitment of bringing major development to the Indigenous People living in hinterland and riverine communities. These villages lack opportunities comparable to those available on the Coast.

Resident of Yarakita, Region One, Wendell Abraham

One of the major initiatives the Arawaks, one of nine Amerindian tribes of Guyana, are most appreciative of, is the return of the Community Support Officers (CSO) programme. This was one of the initiatives that was dissolved in 2015, despite it brought physical development to the aesthetics of villages, and increased the circulation of money in the hinterland.

Deputy Toshao of Yarakita, Delon Emanuel lauded the programme. “The CSO is beneficial because most of the youths are employed and they [CSOs] are upgraded in education and in health. So, I see it as a lot beneficial towards the youths of Yarakita.”

Resident of the village, Wendell Abraham is also pleased with the opportunities government is providing for hinterland youths.

“A very important thing is jobs. We need to have our youths employed with jobs that you can really get money, so that money can circulate in our community because it is very important.”

Community Support Officer, Judith Allen

Meanwhile, Judith Allen, who is one of the 10 CSOs in the Arawak community said, “I basically clean and sweep and wipe the walls [of the school]. When I finish, I would sit down and watch how the teacher teaching. You learn new things every day. At least we learn how we could teach the children because we didn’t go far, me go up to grade nine, but we’re glad because every day we learn something new in this programme.”

Another CSO, Ulanda Romaldo highlighted that it is a blessing to be offered a job that gives her the opportunity to contribute to the development of her village.

“The government has done a good thing because they help we … and when the three month up, we get money and we can buy something and to me is a good thing. The government is a really good government and he [His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali] doing good.”

Government, since August 2020, has brought about significant development to those living in the hinterland and riverine communities, such as the rapid Information Communications Technology (ICT) programme, that seeks to equip all hinterland, poor and remote communities to have access to online technology and information by constructing, rehabilitating and equipping ICT Hubs in the 220 villages.

Community Support Officer, Ulanda Romaldo

Another major project is the agriculture sustainability programme which saw, in the first phase, the distribution of 112 tractors, trailers and chippers to villages.

Provisions are being made to purchase more tractors, ensuring all 220 villages benefit.

This project is being executed as government recognises the vulnerabilities of hinterland communities, at a time when climate change, which results in unpredictable weather patterns, is affecting Guyana and the world.

It also concretises the commitment of the government, of revolutionising the agriculture sector and preserving food security.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, M.P, who visited the community on Friday last said, “We have been fulfilling our commitment and working in the best interest of the people of Guyana…we have to catch up the hinterland with the coastal areas.”

Yarakita is one of the many villages that benefitted from the return of the Presidential Grant.

Government also distributed some $10 million to the community as an economic recovery grant, as it was hard-hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic.