You can influence decision makers to pay more attention to issues that affect young people – Minister Henry tells third batch of participants in Youth Leadership Training

(Georgetown, July 5, 2016)

The Government of Guyana has made a commitment to make the youth agenda a priority, to this end the Presidential Advisory on Youth Empowerment (PAYE), Mr. Aubrey Norton has developed a youth leadership training programme for Guyana’s young people. To date 150 youths from across the country have benefited from this training. Last Sunday the third batch of participants graduated from the programme at the Madewini Camp site. IMG_0389

The programme seeks to bring youth talent to the forefront. This was recognized by Mr. Norton’s overview.

Mr. Norton explained that the process teaches the participants to be tolerant, to understand the importance of social cohesion, of working together, decision making, problem solving, team work, self-discipline, and instill patriotism and nationalism. The participants were also exposed to events planning training.

These skills are intended to help the participants to lead other youths towards the development of youth organizations in their respective communities.

It was announced that the PAYE will also be commencing literacy and numeracy sessions around the country.

In her Charge to the participants, Minister within the Ministry of Education, Hon. Nicolette Henry commended them for attending this very important training. “For it is upon you the future of this nation depends, and if you are well-trained, you can fit into your rightful place in the society, thus guaranteeing a bright future,” she said.


After recognizing that the participants were drawn from 7 regions, Minister Henry  highlighted that this was an excellent opportunity to interact with one another, learn a little more of each other’s culture, share ideas and express opinions.

“I am quite sure that this training has been a remarkably productive one – intellectually, socially and emotionally. It has placed before you the knowledge and responsibility that come with leadership. You were exposed to the type of training that will help you to be a well-rounded individual. With the knowledge behind you, you can influence decision makers to pay more attention to issues that affect young people… you have the right to demand this for the sustainable development of your community,” Minister Henry said.

She advised that their actions play a vital role in the worldwide economy and the environment. “You are the present and the future when it comes to promoting and maintaining the sustainability of your communities. It is you who will have to deal with the consequences of the choices and actions made today by your parents’ generation. Any unsustainable choices could compromise your future and the future of your children,” the Minister pointed out.

The participants were encouraged to lead by example; be role models; be doers and not only hearers only; aim for excellence; do not be satisfied with mediocrity; share your knowledge with others; read; learn to listen; be a team player; let your voices be heard; be creative; be disciplined; return to your communities and help to bring about social cohesion and to remove political, social and cultural barriers; and be true and honest.

“As a result of this training you have been empowered and, therefore, should be able to contribute and benefit from the country’s development,” Minister Henry said.