Young designer uses talent to support communities against Coronavirus.

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, April 23, 2020

South Ruimveldt Garden resident, Akeisha Cave is using her gift, as she describes it, to benefit as many communities as possible, through her “Face Mask Sewing Project.

Sitting down with DPI, Akeisha explained that she did not know how to make face masks until a client asked about the item, leading her to make a quick google search and additional research to perfect what she was about to create.

“Initially one of my clients messaged me and asked me what would I charge for a fabric mask, that was before the boom of masks. I thought about it and realised that I didn’t know about fabric masks. I did not know how effective they were and so decided to research it and I soon realised a lot of seamstresses around the world were actually doing this, were seeing it as useful,” she explained.

Originally Akeisha had planned to become an Attorney-at-law but somewhere along that journey instead of learning about legal briefs, the 23-year-old was drawn to a needle and thread, and fashion sketches and designs flooded her mind.

In early 2019, she took a leap of faith and ventured into the world of fashion

Akeisha told DPI with the advent of COVID-19 in Guyana and after seeing the need for face masks in the country, she decided to do her bit to aid in the fight, especially for persons who needed the item but could not afford or access them easily.

“It’s important for me to use my gifts to give back to society. I am not knocking anyone who sells masks and so on, but I felt this urge to give back to society, in my small way.”

She said the process became even easier when persons began donating fabric to her after learning of her project via social media.

“People would donate material; fabric and I would make masks to distribute to the communities. Recently I donated material to a seamstress in Berbice and she made a lot of masks and shared in her community. So that is the kind of thing that I was advocating,” the young designer proudly shared.

She has also received support from the Masterclass Institute where she works. The company has allowed her to use its conference room as a production unit to make her masks.

Akeisha advised that proper sanitisation and care of one’s mask be followed; washing with soap and warm water and leaving to dry in the sun to kill all bacteria and storing clean unused masks in a clean dry plastic bag.

Like everyone else, she wishes for that day to come when COVID-19 would be a thing of the past. But until then, the Akeshia is urging Guyanese to be very careful, practice social distancing, and at all times wear a face mask when going outdoors.

The young designer can be reached via her Instagram Account