Yurong Paru residents thank Govt for potable water system

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DPI, GUYANA, Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Residents of the community of Yurong Paru located in the South Pakaraimas, Upper Takatu/Upper Essequibo (Region Nine) have expressed their gratitude for having gained improved access to water which is now in proximity to their homes.

58-year-old resident, Randell Francis.

Yurong Paru, which is part of the Karasabai sub-district is known for its agriculture production, had been plagued by issues regarding a proper supply of potable water. This led to residents trekking long distances to obtain water from an existing spring, which was at risk for contamination.

Randell Francis, a 58-year-old resident, told the Department of Public Information (DPI) in an interview, that the initiative has been a long overdue. “We had to use dirty water to do our daily activities, we had bathed in the creek, we even had to use (drink) from the same creek.” Francis stressed that it is good to finally get potable water from the community.

Another resident, Ezra Joe highlighted that the commissioning of the community’s new water supply system will make daily chores less strenuous. He also recalled when villagers would have to travel great lengths to wash their clothes and even farther, in search of water for drinking purposes.

He said that though the water supply system will only benefit the community and its people, others are welcome to success the water. “We know how it was, you know. Looking for water to do your day-to-day activities was rough, walking long distance was no joke so whenever they (citizens) visit they can use our water we have no problem.”

For her part, Florence Alfred noted the community will benefit greatly especially during rainy season since all of the creeks dry up forcing residents to walk to other communities in search of water.

Ninety percent of the community will now benefit from the initiative, the other 10 percent of residents not captured under the system received jerry cans which will filter their water.

53-year-old resident, Ezra Joe.


By: Neola Damon