10 families allocated house lots in Region Three

Ten families from Essequibo Islands-West Demerara (Region Three) were allocated house lots in the new Stewartville Housing Scheme on Sunday.

An aerial view of Stewartville Housing Scheme where the houses will be constructed

Director of Community Development, Gladwin Charles and Regional Housing Officer, O’Shanna Miggins along with technical staff of the Ministry of Housing and Water – Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) spearheaded the exercise.

An elated allottee, Taslim Inshan who is squatting along the Zeelugt Sideline Dam was visibly excited, noting “it’s something real nice!” as he commended government’s move.

Taslim Inshan, recipient

“We will try to move quick as we can,” he added, even as he awaits the relevant infrastructural works to commence.

Another recipient, Jitlall Shyaam said, “I am glad that I get the house lot and could move from the reserve, because the environment is too nasty for us to live. So, this is something good.”

Jitlall Shyaam, recipient

Although the new location is relatively far from where he usually plies his trade, Shyaam is thankful for the assistance to own his home.

For Amos Calistro, nothing feels better than receiving a plot of land.

The father of two believes the new environment will be conducive for his two daughters in many aspects, specifically health. 

“I was looking forward for this all the time, instead of living in the squatting area,” Calistro lamented.

Amos Calistro, recipient

Meanwhile, Ishwar Saytoo who had applied to the housing ministry since 2011, finally got her heart’s desire on Sunday.

“Thanks to the government that we get through, and we will make much of it,” an excited Saytoo exclaimed. 

The families secured their house lots following a commitment made by Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal, during an engagement earlier this month.

Roopnauth Jaggernauth, recipient

According to the ministry, after selecting their house lots, the informal settlers were issued with their allocation letters. They subsequently participated in the CHPA’s lot identification exercise.

Meanwhile, some 13 persons are squatting at the Zeelugt Sideline Dam area. The other three persons have already been allocated house lots in Stewartville and other nearby schemes. The community development department will continue to provide guidance and support to the families during the relocation and resettlement processes, the ministry stated.