100 food hampers distributed to flood-affected Kaikan residents

Flood-affected residents of Kaikan and surrounding communities in Region Seven, on Saturday received food hampers as part of the government’s flood relief efforts.

The flooding was as a result of heavy rainfall which caused the overtopping of the Cuyuni River.

Food hampers being offloaded from the plane

Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal who visited the community, handed over about 100 hampers to Toshao Marlon Williams and Deputy Toshao Katiuska Anthon.

Minister Croal said the food hamper distribution is the government responding to the needs of the people, noting that this is just the immediate response.

We are pleased to know this morning that at the Kaikan end, the Cuyuni river, the water has receded a little but the unfortunate part is that while it is better for you, it affects the other end. So, from the Eterinbang level, water has risen about four feet overnight as of this morning. So, we are responding to your needs, to assist you, to support you, so we want to show you that you have a government that will ensure that we work with you and can respond to your need,” the minister stated.

He said that soon, about 550 packages of cleaning supplies will arrive in the community to help with sanitisation.

Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal handing over food hampers to Toshao Marlon Williams and Deputy Toshao Katiuska Anthon

Kaikan’s Toshao expressed gratitude for the much-needed relief.

“I would like to thank the government for this response. We had a high level of water three to four days ago. However, the water has receded and I am happy about that. Some of the areas that are affected mainly are the riverine communities which is Tshau. Carboo and Rock landing. So, I am happy that this response would have been presented today,”he said.

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) is in the community conducting a flood assessment. It has already distributed food hampers to about 68 persons in Kaikan and neighbouring villages.

The CDC which falls under the purview of the Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for making plans and conducting operations relevant to all types of disasters in Guyana. Earlier this week, heavy rainfall caused the overtopping of the Cuyuni River, resulting in severe flooding that affected about 100 persons in Kaikan and surrounding communities.