110 Region Three residents benefit from free, tested spectacles

Some 110 persons residing in Goed Fortuin and La Parfaite Harmonie, Region Three are now benefitting from improved vision after receiving free, tested spectacles from the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, during an outreach in the region on Thursday.

At Goed Fortuin, 60 glasses were delivered while 54 persons received free spectacles at La Parfaite Harmonie.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud helping a young beneficiary of Goed Fortuin, try on her spectacles

This was made possible through the EyeCare Programme implemented by the ministry’s Difficult Circumstances Unit (DCU), which ensures vulnerable persons especially school children, pensioners and single parents who cannot afford are provided with assistance.

La Parfaite Harmonie resident testing out his new tested spectacle

The Department of Public Information (DPI) caught up with some of the beneficiaries of the EyeCare programme, who are happy with the much-needed aid.

“I am very happy for a spectacle at this time. My eye was bad for a long time and I tested it but I didn’t have the money to purchase [a spectacle]. I am very thankful that this outreach brought it to us and I am happy that I received my spectacle,” said Dave Neblett, a resident of La Parfaite Harmonie.

Some of the beneficiaries of the EyeCare Programme from La Parfaite Harmonie

Another resident, Felicia Husbands added, “I really appreciate it and I am excited about it because I am now seeing good. Thank God for that and thank God for them (the government) because at least I am seeing good with it.”

Natasha Neblett, 19, shared similar sentiments as she explained that it would be useful during her studies.

 “I have been having problems with my eye. This is something that I am happy for and it is benefitting me financially because I can be able to save the money instead of buying it on my own. I was given the opportunity to have it free,” she added.

Meanwhile, Minister, Dr Vindhya Persaud in her remarks to residents of Goed Fortuin revealed that thousands of persons in the hinterland and the coastland have already benefitted from the EyeCare Programme.

She told the residents that the DCU also provides aid to persons living with disabilities, which is also free of cost.

“We do training for them, free training. we offer free wheelchairs, free walkers, free hearing aids, and free canes. So, you just have to ask and it will be provided, it’s as simple as that,” Minister Persaud explained.

Residents were also informed of the various services the ministry offers through the Childcare and Protection Agency, Gender Affairs Bureau, the Survivors’ Advocate programme, pension and public assistance, Sexual Offenses and Domestic Policy Unit and the Women’s Innovation and Investment Network (WIIN).

They were encouraged to report matters of domestic violence by utilising the 24-hour 914 hotline.