12 CT scan machines to be distributed countrywide – Min. Anthony

Medical imaging will soon be improved in the country, as the government through the Ministry of Health will be distributing a number of Computed Tomography, also known as CT scan machines, across the regions.

This was disclosed by Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony during a recent visit to Region Six.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony

“Within two years, we will have more than 12 CT scans, good, top-quality CT scan machines that will be distributed around Guyana. This will help to improve imaging diagnostics for us,” the Minister disclosed.

He noted that with only three CT scanners in the public health system, these additional 12 will diversify the services at various health facilities, bringing great ease to persons who often pay for the service at private hospitals.

“We are working to improve health in every part of Guyana and we are sparing no effort in doing that, we are not sparing any resources to do that,” Dr. Anthony stressed.

The health minister added that much collaboration is needed to ensure the health sector expands and citizens’ lives improve.

A computed tomography (CT) scan machine

Additionally, he also revealed that the government is aggressively working to establish a comprehensive programme, where persons can be trained to operate the CT scanner, much like an X-ray technician.

He said government is looking are to decentralise this programme to all regions, so that persons can be trained, graduate and then commence working.