12 young professional homes handed over in Prospect, EBD

as part of govt’s affordable housing programme

Twelve young professionals were handed the keys to their newly constructed homes in Prospect, East Bank Demerara (EBD) on Thursday.

The single flat three-bedroom units were officially handed over by Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, along with Steven Jacobs, Director of First Change Builders, the contractor responsible for the construction of the homes.

Dellon Caesar receiving the keys to his home from Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Minister Croal highlighted the significance of the occasion, stating that the units are among the first set of young professional homes to be distributed to beneficiaries in Prospect, where the government is also constructing other categories of homes.

“You can have appreciation as to what is taking place, this small community here. When we started the development, it was actually taken over by bush, it was taken over by cows… now you can see the total transformation here on the East Bank ,” he said.

The minister emphasised that this year has been identified as a crucial time for the construction of houses, with a focus on expanding and building as much as possible, rather than just allocating house lots.

Around 600 houses have already been handed over, and there are currently at least 1, 400 houses under construction in various phases and categories, Minister Croal reported.

“We have different model of houses we are constructing. More young professional houses are being built currently.  We just started another set, 100 plus on the East Coast,” he stated.

One of the young professional homes in Prospect

While explaining the allocation process, Minister Croal explained that it involves a pre-qualification process with the banks. Once applicants have been pre-qualified, the contractors are then able to build the houses.

The minister also disclosed that the government is working to ensure that the cost of these houses remains affordable despite the increased costs for housing materials.

The contactor expressed gratitude to the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) and the banks for their support in making the project a success. He acknowledged that the project was a learning curve for him and the company.

“A lot of persons in Guyana you know, obviously want to own a home but to get one of these young professionals. I think it’s a dream come true to anybody because I think it’s very inexpensive,” he said.

With affordable housing being a priority for the government, the young professional homes provide a sense of security and comfort, offering a good start in life for the owners.

Jason Arjune, one of the beneficiaries, expressed his excitement about finally owning his own home. He praised the government’s housing programme which has given him the opportunity to start a new chapter in his life.

An aerial view of the young professional homes in Prospect

Similarly, Dellon Caesar expressed his gratitude to the government for presenting him with the opportunity to own his own home, something he had been waiting years for.

“I will benefit greatly from this I will be in my own space, my own comfort. I’m now staring my own family I have a wife and a new born so it will be our comfort zone,” he said. 

The delivery of homes in Prospect marks a major milestone in the government’s dedication to offering affordable housing to its people and enhancing the quality of their lives.