225 Region One residents to benefit from ICT hubs

The construction of three information and communications technology (ICT) hubs is proceeding well and is expected to benefit some 225 residents in Kariako, Kokerite, and Chinese Landing along the Barama River, Region One.

The government in partnership with the Amerindian Village Councils has allocated a substantial sum of $15.9 million towards the development of the three digital innovation centres.

Construction of ICT hub in Chinese Landing, Region One

ICT Access and eService for Hinterland Poor and Remote Communities Project Manager, Ronald Harsawack told the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Tuesday, that the projects are expected to be completed within six weeks.

These ICT hubs will see residents leveraging digital resources for education, entrepreneurship, and overall community development.

Students will have access to a wealth of educational resources, enabling them to expand their knowledge and skills beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Further, budding entrepreneurs in the region will have the opportunity to explore digital markets, access online business tools, and tap into a global network of potential customers.

By empowering residents with digital literacy and internet connectivity, the project aims to create new opportunities for employment, commerce, and social progress.

During this year’s budget debates in the National Assembly, Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d), Mark Phillips noted that 100 ICT hubs will be operationalised in the hinterland regions.

Beyond immediate benefits, the establishment of these ICT hubs aligns with the government’s vision of building a sustainable and digitally inclusive future for citizens.

By fostering digital literacy and connectivity in rural areas, the nation takes another step towards realising its wider development goals.

Meanwhile, ICT hubs are being built in other villages in the Barima-Waini Region including Assakata, Santa Cruz, Waikrebi, and Warapoka to the tune of $17.7 million altogether.  

Harsawack said these projects are progressing smoothly at different phases.