250 allocated house lots at Hope, East Coast Demerara

Some 250 families between Nootenzuil and Unity are one step closer to owning their own homes after being allocated lands at Hope, East Coast Demerara. The allocation also forms part of the government’s promise to allocate at least 50,000 house lots in this term in office.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal.

Residents were in high spirits today when they met with Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal and team at the Hope Secondary School.

Navendra Naresh Persaud said he is happy about his land since his current residence is affected by flooding.

Allottee, Lelawattie Beepat.

“Friday night when I lied down on the bed…he called me and I get through…Very happy that I get through.”

Enmore resident, Faneza Khan expressed, “I wait so long…I’m thankful for that my daughter will be the one responsible for assisting me to build the house and do whatever I have to do. But I’m so happy to have the land.”

Some of the applicants at the community meeting.

Another allottee from Mahaicony, Lelawattie Beepat applauded the ministry’s housing programme, which she said allows her and many others to own their own homes. She’s currently living with her sister and her two children.

“It means a lot and I’m very, very happy when I received the call Monday afternoon from Ministry of Housing. And I’m very happy about this.”

Meanwhile, Indira Mohabir, said, “Very much grateful since I was waiting since 2012 and I get the call on Monday to come here, I was very happy. You know I used to go in, like, every month and even though I go in I know I had to wait and wait. And here’s my chance now. So, I’m very much happy.”

Allottee, Ishmattie Gokaram

Minister Croal stated that government will ensure it fulfills its commitments to serve the people. He assured residents that each community’s outstanding and old applications will be addressed.

“By year two in office, year two, it’s not even mid-point yet, we have achieved close to 15,000 allocations as a government. These issues that confront the community of Lowland has already, some persons who are allocating, and they have never been able to see nor obviously to reach the stage of access. Our exercise, today, will see all those outstanding persons from the community or the environs of Lowlands being able to complete their allocation exercise before you leave this afternoon,” Minister Croal explained.

The government has allocated close to 4,750 house lots on the East Coast alone. Hope has now joined the list with La Bonne Intention, Mon Repos, La Reconnaissance, Annandale, Vigilance, Strathspey, and Bladen Hall.

“On our current programme, by the end of this year, we want to be able to allocate about another 3,000 plus for East Coast of Demerara,” Minister Croal said.

This will bring the government closer to fulfilling its objective.