34 Lindeners soon to be homeowners

– Central Housing and Planning Authority allocates housing units

DPI Guyana, Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thirty-four Lindeners who have prequalified for housing units are now one step closer to receiving the keys to their homes to be constructed shortly.

The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) will construct 60 single housing units before the end of 2018 in Amelia’s Ward, Linden. The project’s first phase will entail the construction of 20 single flat housing units and 14 single elevated housing units. These cost $5.3Million and $6.3Million, respectively.

For the single flat units, $5.2Million will be expended on the actual structure while $100,000.00 will cover the cost of the lot. For the single elevated housing units, $6.2Million will be spent on constructing the house and $100,000.00 will go towards the lot.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) interviewed two of the residents who were both happy for the opportunity. Nigel Newton, a Mechanical Engineer with the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) said he was excited to be able to provide a home for his family.

“I am super excited that the minister has granted us this huge gesture, I have been waiting since I applied in 2013 for my house lot… and from the minute I heard about the core house project I was super excited about it because I realise that young people especially those who graduated have a hard time starting out especially if it is with a family.” Nigel Newton can now live his dream by ensuring his family is comfortable.

Abigale Thompson, a registered nurse assigned to the Linden Hospital Complex, applied eight months back and is happy that she persisted. She is a mother of two and encourages young persons like herself to push on and not to give up.

“Don’t give up, apply once you reach the age and you might be selected. It makes me feel honoured to be selected today, to own my own home soon.”

Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Valarie Adams Patterson-Yearwood, explained that the CH&PA will be constructing 60 houses in another housing scheme in Linden in 2019. This is the first time that this initiative has been presented to the residence of Linden.

“Like everything else, this is the first time we are doing the identification of houses in this fashion and I think Linden residents need special treatment and that’s the reason why we have opted to come and do an open drawing for the lots for the houses that we are building in Amelia’s Ward”.

The construction of these housing units adds to the complement of units constructed in several regions all across Guyana. This is in keeping with the government’s commitment to providing affordable housing solutions for all Guyanese.

Teresa Newton

Image: Jules Gibson