35 persons graduate from Civil Aviation Training School

A total of 35 persons are now qualified in various aviation disciplines after graduating from the Civil Aviation Training School on Tuesday.

During the convocation ceremony at the Air Navigation Services Control Tower, Timehri, Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill stressed that the government will continue to make the necessary investments to ensure citizens become skilled personnel.

Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill handing over a certificate to one of the graduands

“The 35 persons who are graduating this afternoon, who have completed their courses in various fields in aerodrome control training, flight information and alerting services training, area control training, and the ab initio general training courses are adding to the stock of what we already have,” Minister Edghill said.

He stressed that air service training is necessary for Guyana to remain efficient in the management of its air navigational operations.

The public works minister emphasised the need for the training school to evolve into an institution capable of educating individuals from across the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, Director General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret’d) Egbert Field charged the graduates to be efficient in their work as they are now considered professionals.

“The courses you have just covered, these are courses where years ago air traffic controllers had to travel overseas to get them done. Now they are being done right here. And thanks to the minister, the chairman, and the administration who keep improving the deliverance of those courses,” the director general stated.

He said the training that they have received has given them the tools and information to make the skies safer.

Some of the graduands during the convocation ceremony

Principal of the school, Clifford VonDoimen expressed the need for more persons to be trained in the aviation industry.

“We are in an era where with the advent of the oil industry, aviation is growing tremendously and we will need that type of capacity locally. We will need trained personnel. I believe the school has a very important role to play in training persons locally, both entry-level and advancement programmes,” the principal expressed. These 35 persons are now expected to be employed at various air services across the regions where they will fully function to ensure safe operations.