AGM’s employees receive OSH certificates

Employees of Aurora Gold Mine in Region Seven were officially presented with Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) certificates after undergoing comprehensive training.

The participants are now optimistic about the positive transformation of their working environment. They have been equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how to identify and prevent accidents in the workplace.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton presenting the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) certificate to Aurora Gold Mine Chief Financial Officer, Eric Zhang

Kevin Daniels, the Senior Safety Officer at the company, believes that the staff now possess a heightened awareness of safety practices. He emphasised that this enhanced capability will contribute to the company’s overall performance.

For young Shoana Bovell, the training has significantly expanded her knowledge base, providing her with valuable insights into things that she did not know were classified as ‘risks’.

“The training was very informative; we learned a lot about safety in the workplace. And with the information we receive, we would be able to go out into the environment to help to improve wherever we may see safety is needed,” she stated.

The training has allowed AGM’s Superintendent of the Heavy-Duty Department, Mark Lancaster, to be on heightened alert to ensure the safety of workers in his department at all times.

“It has benefited me in terms of making sure that my workforce is safe. It equipped me as a Superintendent to look for some of the small things that we may not see as hazards,” the superintendent explained.

Meanwhile, Trainer Specialist Officer Warda Khalid, hailing from Pakistan and having spent over six months in Guyana, is impressed by the country’s strong emphasis on safety and health.

“As you know safety plays an important role and it just not only impacts one society, it contributes to the whole world,” Khalid stressed. 

Shoana Bovell receiving her OSH certificate from a representative of the Ministry of Labour’s OSH Department

The training was conducted by the Ministry of Labour’s OSH department in collaboration with the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) last year September. It lasted for three days.

The company itself was also presented with an OSH certificate which is valid for one year.

In his address, Minister of Labour Joseph Hamilton emphasised that safety and health are the responsibilities of every individual, and it must be prioritised in our daily lives.

“The issue about safety transcends to every activity we are involved in and we have to understand that. Even when you leave the worksite you have to perform and ensure that this knowledge is utilised within your homes to protect yourself and your family,” Minister Hamilton noted.