Albouystown residents thankful for major road upgrades

Residents of Albouystown are ecstatic about the recent transformation of several key internal thoroughfares since they no longer have to contend with the previously dilapidated roads.

The overhaul of some five kilometres of asphaltic roadworks in the community is the fulfilment of a recent commitment made by the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic Government and more particularly the Vice President, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo.

Kenneth Charran, resident

Welcoming the much-need upgrades, Kenneth Charran commended the vice president for delivering on his commitment in a prompt manner.

“The road was messy [and] rough. It was never a place you could be so comfortable like now. Mr Jagdeo when he promises, he always fulfils. So, it is good; big changes. Everything is developing, [and] getting better,” Charran told the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Wednesday.

Resident for 45 years, Estelle Williams stressed that “The road was terrible. Now, you can see a lot of improvement and people driving on smooth roads. Children can come out and play. Before they couldn’t. So, it is a very good initiative they doing for Albouystown,” Willams expressed.  

Patrick King, resident

Patrick King, who has been a resident for 29 years said he is thankful for the government’s intervention, specifically the vice president who he believes is a man of his word.

“The road is looking fantastic,” he added, while noting “It goes to show that he (the vice president) listened to what the people had to say and he acted accordingly. As soon as possible they came and started to do their necessary repairs and make the place look good.”

Meanwhile, Devon Schultz told DPI, “We had very poor roads with a lot of potholes, and it was hard to travel on. This improvement brought about by the government is a good thing for us. Me and all the other businessmen get to move around much easier now that the road is done.”

Devon Schultz, resident

With much interest in youths and community development, Schultz also called on the government to explore constructing community centres and grounds to keep youths within the area engaged.

During the vice president’s outreach to the community, he also committed to upgrading internal drains.

Dr Jagdeo also spoke about job and skill training opportunities that the government continues to make available.